Aug 12, 2005


Mike Defensor is insulting us

I take it as a personal insult the reported rantings of Environment and Natural Resources Sec. Mike Defensor that it was not his principal, Gloria M. Arroyo, who was speaking with Comm. Virgilio Garcillano as recorded in the Gloriagate tapes.

Hello!? Arroyo has already admitted her "lapse in judgment" vis-a-vis the 14 calls she made to Garci. The Gloria-Garci phone chit-chats are now the main case in the impeachment case filed against her in Congress.

Defensor is insulting me and other Filipinos by saying now that he could prove otherwise.

If Defensor still has some decency left and even an iota of respect to the public, could he just shut up? Never mind if he chooses not to apologize for his serial acts of stupidity since the Gloriagate scam erupted, as long as he gives us some peace and quiet, not to mention a modicum of respect.

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