Nov 11, 2005


GMA's war on media

Grabe talaga itong si GMA. Hanep sa katalinuhan at kakapalan ng pagmumukha.

Unable to wiggle her way out of the crisis of being caught lying, stealing and cheating, she now portrays the situation as, albeit partly, a handiwork of media. She has blamed media for the woes of the country and claims that the press has only allowed itself to be used by vested interests.

Hahaha! As if the nation would believe her.

The media may have its own faults, but these are generally small compared to the colossal crimes of the Arroyo administration. If there's anyone abusive and a willing tool of vested interests, it is Mrs. Arroyo and she has done and shown it big time. Since 2001, there has been an endless stream of bad news materials emanating from the presidential palace and from Mrs. Arroyo's own sometimes foul and often arrogant mouth.

GMA thinks so highly of herself, she supposes that her administration could surpass the fascism and intolerance of Ferdinand Marcos and post-Marcos regimes. She's in for a surprise because I am sure the press and the people will not take her assaults sitting down.

Pinapahirapan na nga tayo, pagbabawalan pa magsalita? Kapal.

(Photo courtesy of CNN and AP.)

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