Aug 31, 2006


Hodge-podge No. 310806

Fr. Joe Dizon blamed Ferdinand Marcos for the shortage of pro-people, righteous and progressive leaders today.

"Pinagpapatay ni Marcos ang isang henerasyon ng mga lider gaya nina Edgar Jopson at Bobby dela Paz, kaya kakaunti ang mga lider ngayon na maaaring mamuno," said Fr. Joe. "Ngayon, dapat tayong magalit din at ipatigil ang mga pagpaslang sa panahong ito dahil nanalalagay sa peligro ang pag-usbong ng mga lider para sa kinabukasan."


In a privilege speech at the House, anti-communist legislator Etta Rosales blasted the New People's Army and the Communist Party of the Philippines over alleged extortion by the communists.

Ho-hum. For a moment, I forgot she was speaking for Akbayan and believed she was reading a PR piece written by Jun Alcover of the brain-blasting, brain-eating and brainless ANAD/ANAD.


Jovito Palparan is duwag, according to Mrs. Erlinda Cadapan, the grieving but militant mother of abducted UP student Sherlyn Cadapan.

Mrs. Cadapan said that Palparan is scared of the court and of her presence in the court.


Mrs. Cadapan also that Palparan always told the courts he was sick each time he is summoned to appear regarding the writ of habeas corpus petitions seeking to surface Sherlyn and fellow UP student Karen EmpeƱo.

The proud mother of Sherlyn said: I pray that Palparan never gets well from being "sick" and that he dies of whatever sickness he has.


Palparan has boasted of making Central Luzon almost 100-percent Reds-free.

Sa totoo lang, mga sibilyan lang ang kinakaya ni Palparan. The NPAs continue to thrive in Central Luzon, and the brutality of Palparan is expected to compel many more to become Red fighters.


Gloria was reported to be "in excelsis" after the House killed the impeachment complaint against her.

To Gloria: Only the process was killed by JDV, Lagman, et al. The truth survives.


Gloria's all-out war, by the numbers: As of today, Aug. 31, Mrs. Arroyo's generals and soldiers have executed 744 individuals and forcibly disappeared (abducted) 181 others.

The catch? Victims were all civilians, unarmed and perceived to be anti-Gloria.


Benjaline "Beng" Hernandez
, then incumbent vice president for Mindanao of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines and deputy secretary-general of Karapatan-Southern Mindanao Region was murdered on April 5, 2002 by government soldiers as she was documenting an alleged massacre of peasants.

Today, her parents have joined Karapatan themselves, leading a movement composed of families of persons like Beng. True, the Arroyo government snuffed out Beng's life, but the dastardly terrorist act only inspired many to carry on her fight and produced more Beng's.


Beng's name -- Benjaline -- comes from her parents' own: Benjamin and Evangeline.

Benjamin and Evangeline have stepped up the plate and raring to do battle against murderers who have killed their daughter and the sons and daughters of many others.


Warning to all: Terrorists continue to roam the countryside. Last thing they did was burn the house of an activist.


Good news: Washington Post features fellow TXTPower convenor Mong Palatino in a story on texting and Pinoy protests.


Greetings corner: Belated happy birthday to Aaron and Cyrus. Advanced 29th anniversary to the League of Filipino Students. Long live LFS!

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