Aug 10, 2006


Kapalmuks sa Kongreso (a.k.a. Mana sa Nanay at Tatay, Mana sa Amo)

The first two hearings of the House justice committee on the impeachment complaints against President Arroyo proceeded as expected: Her loyalists naturally tried all possible means to smother all the complaints through sheer kakapalan ng mukha and legal gobbledygook.

First of all, how can any decent Filipino accept the reasoning of President Arroyo's son not to inhibit himself in the House justice committee proceedings? Mikey Arroyo says he was elected to Congress to represent his constituents and he has a right not to inhibit himself from a congressional hearing. Kakapalan ng pagmumukha talaga. Walang delicadeza at walang dangal. Nanay na nga niya ang nakasalang sa impeachment pero walang problemang ligal at moral siyang nakikita kung kasama siya sa magpapasya kung i-impeach o hindi ang Presidente. Mana sa nanay at tatay.

The other congresspersons who were reported by the Commission on Audit as beneficiaries of the Ginintuang Masaganang Ani fertilizer scandal did not inhibit themselves -- except for minority solon Ompong Plaza of Mindanao. Mana sa amo ang mga hindot.

Thanks to the foresight of the many people's organizations and people's lawyers, the tactic of filing copies of the same complaint on several days paid off. The tactic was aimed at covering all possible dates when the pro-Arroyo majority in the House could so decide as the proper date to file such pleading against the President. All complainants have long realized that such a tactic is required if only to defeat the legalistic stumbling blocks that the pro-Arroyo congressmen may put up.

We should applaud all the citizen-complainants of the eight complaints. Coming forward to ask Congress to impeach the President is not a simple chore but a moral and political obligation. Thanks to all of you, fellow complainants!

Those of us Filipinos who want to know the truth should follow closely the House justice committee proceedings, help lobby with the congresspersons, and ask others to do the same. Bantayan natin ang mga kaganapan at huwag hayaang babuyin ng mga mambabatas ang prosesong konstitusyunal na ito.

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