Sep 23, 2006


Itlog: Esperon deserved it and more

Hermogenes Esperon Jr. deserves the treatment he got from activist UP students. Makapal kasi ang mukha ng duwag na heneral na ito. Sinungaling pa, at saksakan ng sipsip kay Gloria.

Why should any Filipino respect a military chief whose name was mentioned in the unresolved Hello Garci scandal?

Why should we give special treatment to someone who continues to hide the Mayuga report? Is he scared that the Mayuga report will expose his role in Arroyo's massive cheating, and that he got his job not because of merit, but because of patronage?

Also, should someone who covers up the bloody tracks of a mass murderer like Jovito Palparan be respected by the families of victims of extrajudicial executions?

Why should we bow or give an iota of respect to a general who cannot find out who are behind the spate of 750 political killings? (Perhaps, there are no mirrors in his house and the military headquarters.)

As a member of Bayan Muna, I feel frustrated I was not there in UP when the good thing happened. I would have thrown a dozen eggs, if only to drive home the point that we have a military chief clearly unworthy of respect from the people.

I am certain that decent and patriotic soldiers would have also joined in pelting Esperon with eggs, mud and even trash.

As to the stupid claim that he got pelted with eggs and mud because he didn't join or start a coup, ho-hum. Where did that crap come from? The nation do not expect cowardly generals like Esperon to lead this country out of the unglorious quagmire we are in. They are part of the problem. They cheat, kill and lie on behalf of their principal, and they also cheat, lie and steal from billions of funds purportedly for soldiers.

Ang totoong masakit sa nangyari, walang dumepensa kay Esperon. As if the nation was telling him two possible messages:

1) We don't give a damn about you; or 2) You deserve it and more. I hope its more about the second. But it hurts more when anyone is dubbed as irrelevant or KSP.

Esperon's score: Itlog (symbolizing his credibility, and the amount of respect the people have for his obstinacy and immoral assistance to fraudulent and fascist acts)

UP students's score: 1,000,000 pogi and ganda points (sana si GMA ang isunod niyo para magsayawan at mag-fiesta sa buong bayan)

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